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Sorry for the Silence

I stopped writing because my grandmother had finally passed from cancer, so wasn’t really in the mood. I still finished that internship on good terms, and am now getting ready to send my resume out to peeps in NY, and Paris…and LA again but I’d rather go somewhere new. 

Anyways, for all these new followers you’re looking for, where I keep my reblog grind on. Stupid tumblr STILL doesn’t let you change default blogs, even after being bought by Yahoo…customer service ftl.

Here’s some cool music

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That


It’s been almost two weeks since I left AZ. How do I like it out here?….well I guess it just hasn’t been long enough to make a real call, but so far….I hate traffic, and I got a parking ticket.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my internship. Since I’ve started most of my tasks have been hunting for contact information. Mostly managers, agents, and marketing directors. A lot is on the net these days but you still got to do some digging. Although, it doesn’t really bother me, I’ve even asked if I could come in more often. For once I really enjoy what I’m doing, even if I’m not getting paid, because really that’s the last thing on my mind. I mean yeah I need money, but working in misery for cash really doesn’t compare to the joy of learning an industry you truly care about. I’ve changed my mind many times in life (hence why I’ve yet to leave community college) so maybe I might not enjoy this as much by the end of summer, but I feel by then I may have other tasks besides contact hunting.

That’s my 2 cents on the internship, but as far as adventures it’s been pretty chill, except last friday…

Last friday our company hosts Private Label at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. It’s the very event that got me interested in this internship. Anyways, Miami Horror was on the lineup so I had been planning to attend it all week. That Friday I also made friends with one of the interns so it was good to know I wouldn’t be a lone there. We met before at a place called Delancey’s on Sunset and……..yeh. He mentioned he’d probably leave Private Label early and head to WeHo. What’s in WeHo? Well, it was gay pride weekend, and the gays were gonna be gettin dowwwn. He invited me and honestly I was quite thrown off. This guy had blended in better than a Canadian, and learning he was gay threw me off (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So yeah, my homophobia was goin a little crazy but by the time we got to Private Label, it was pretty dead. Either I let my close minded homophobia make me sit there and wait for the place to fill up a bit, or, I go to the gayest club (the Abbey) during the gayest time of year. “F*ck it, I’ll go”.

After that I’d rather not talk about what happened….

But really we went to the Abbey and well as you guessed it was more of a sausagefest than The Lodge in Scottsdale (I just heard my neighbor fart upstairs). The place was packed, and my homophobia was goin crazy. Just keeping my eyes forward trying not to make eye contact in fear of getting hit on. But the other intern and his crew kept me safe, cockblocking anybody trying to make a reach for me. I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but…..I did get hit on about 4 or 5 times……and if the same sex loves you…you know you look good…


But I was disappointed in the Abbey’s music. I mean, Cue Club has better taste, and if there’s one thing I always knew about gay clubs, was that they had great music. That disappointment lasted until we left for the next club, which I don’t remember the name of because the gays (I really don’t mean to sound rude, but gay does mean “happy” so I can’t sound tooooo derogatory) make A LOT stronger drinks. No tonic was present with those gins. Anyways, the next place had a lot better music. I distinctly remember just looking around and just seeing eeeevveeerrryyyybody gittin down to this “Everyday People” remix and it was, dare I say it, fabulous.

So 2 o’clock rolled around and it was about that time to leave. Oh and the intern was hammered and it was glorious to be out with a fellow coworker for the first time and just watch them go HAM.

I didn’t do much else that weekend, until Monday I met up with a fellow Wildcat (I know I don’t go to UofA but suck it) and I got to meet a couple of his roommates that joined us to go see a movie. Dillon (the Wildcat) is also a film student, so our goal was to see The Iceman, an indie flick featuring Michael Shannon, but when we got to the only theater nearby showing it, turns out…it’s a fat ass theater. As in you live the American dream sitting in a big ass reclinable chair being served food (while Africans starve) aaaaaand, alcohol. Dillon has yet to turn 21. So Long story short we saw….The Internship…yeah.

Three days later though we saw This is the End, and that, was better.

Can say more, but fingers don’t wanna type it, and it’s 2:30am. Gotsta wake up early tomorrow and finish a project for work. Ooooo a project? You fancy huh? No actually I’m using posters and markers…no seriously I sit on the floor, cuhlloring like a Vin Diesel fan. Okay I don’t sit on the floor, I use the conference table thank you very much. And if you don’t get the Vin Diesel reference, then you’re just a Tosh.0 fan, not a DANIEL Tosh fan.

Me 3 Hipsters 0

dFM Day 1

(the attire is a lot less formal…like, a lot less)

Alright. Okay. Here we go……uhhhhh. Where to start? Today hasn’t been the first day in LA. I left Saturday afternoon with my dad, and all of Sunday and Monday was trying to find a place to stay out here…and that was stressful….very…stressful. Checked out about 4 places, Sunday, and 3, Monday and they were all ehhh. I can’t even remember how many ads on craigslist,,, or even For Rent signs in neighborhoods we tried to contact. The budget was supposed to be $700/month max, but then seeing what that got us and how far I’d have to drive, it got bumped to $1000. But still there wasn’t SHET! 

So we’re sitting there wondering what we’re gonna do, exhausted mentally and physically, when my father calls a coworker of his who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He met a friend of this coworker while at their home BBQ in Tulsa. That friend lives in LA, and long story short….

I got a place…in Glendale…fo free.

Now it’s a house being renovated below another house but still has a room, closet and bathroom intact. The garage is separate and has the washer, dryer, and a Coca Cola fridge you’d find in restaurants (suck on that hipsters). The whole room is wood: Wood flooring, wood baseboards, wood walls. It looks like something from Napoleon Dynamite (once again, Me 2 Hipsters 0). 

I’m not being demeaning in anyway, I am staying here for free after all. It may be an old house but with time, the kitchen will be complete (stove and sink are operational just the flooring is being done), and in another 2 months I’ll be atta here….if I don’t get too comfortable. It was a Godsend to have a friend we barely knew help us at our time most in need, and I’ll be forever grateful. The Lebanese hospitality, 1970s interior design, and the tropical climate reminds me a lot of Venezuela, which is like a home away from home.

My neighbor above me, is a nice man named Edward. He was born in Lebanon and has two grown kids, one who has installed many home theater systems for celebrities and showrunners, and the other, a painter who has had her work sold to Carlos Slim, and the Pope. A very humble man who spills much wisdom when we talk. He makes sure I’m doing okay and has even been letting his friend’s know that I am looking for a job. Another blessing for sure.

So…the internship.

Well. It’s a long story how I got this thing, and seeing as I’m really tired I’ll try to condense it.

Fred Falke was coming to LA, I saw who was hosting the event, sent them my resume, had a phone interview, met them at the event, and got an email saying, “come aboard”. Wow, I need to remember that version for next time.

What am I doing there? I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I can’t tell you…

But actually just basic intern stuff like research on artists, brands, festivals, and event ideas. It was awesome just to hear the names of my favorite artists being referenced in business scenarios, people like, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, and Avi- yeah right. If i wanted to hear about them I’d still be in Scottsdale. But really, acts I know I can talk about include Goldroom, Poolside, Zimmer Lifelike, Fred Falke, and others. It was quite a relief to not have to hear wub wubs, and buhbuh BuhBuh BUHBUH B-B-B—B-B-B-B-BAHHHHHHHHHHS, over and over, while instead listening to Moroder’s DJ set from Deep Space. But to even hear that the disco wave had finally been ridden/rode/surfed/bodysurfed/whatever, was nice, which as much as I love it, makes sense. Nu-disco’s been around people, Daft Punk’s awesome but Avicii and Nile Rodgers…yawwwn.

What does Dub Frequency do? From a days work I can say they do a lot of things. It’s sort of a mix between Entourage and Mad Men (I know, awesome). They work a lot in artist development while at the same time finding brands for sponsors and also giving them creative opportunities to advertise. For instance a lot of work is done with Red Bull, and many have seen how active Red Bull is in the music scene. So, creating an event, booking talent, and finding sponsors is what they do in a nutshell.

I wish I could tell you all more, and with as much whit as I had in my London entries but I’m tired and have explained it too many times before. I hope I haven’t said anything to breach my NDA though….

Now my next goal is to get a real job that pays real moneys. The main goal of the summer is to network, network, network. Hopefully those two are met.


(I know I said disco was over, but didn’t mean I don’t like it anymore)

Coming Soon: Another Adventure

This time in Hollywood. I’ll be interning for dub Frequency ( getting experience in many aspects of the music business. Watch out Ari Gold, I’m comin.
Fred f*ckin Falke

Fred f*ckin Falke

So this summer

If I get that LA internship, that’ll be awesome.

If I don’t, then more gigs for Wolfclub

Villa Littorio

If you haven’t been to Villa Littorio. Then you will never truly understand why I am who I am. 

Elite Gymnastics - Is This On Me?

A lot has been going on in the world since I left London. The riots and the US’s S&P downgrade. But in this quiet little town in the mountains of southern Italy, the only window to the world’s chaos, is the news site on your Safari browser. It truly is a place where you an get away from it all. Sure Italy is about to be the next Greece when it comes to debt crisis, but these small towns’ economies are mostly run within themselves. And if there were riots, they’d only last probably 30 minutes, because they’d have to take a smoke break. Like I’ve always said, if Obama screws up bad enough, or if World War III breaks out, I’m movin to Villa.

In this quiet town you don’t do much. Okay yeah I was lazy piece of ass sometimes in London, but really the only things to do here is eat, drink, and sleep. Oh yeah and play soccer, but I’m absolutely terrible and the kids here can bicycle kick by the age of 9. Most nights end up in the nearby town of Piaggine, where most of the other towns’ youth come to drink as well, at an American owned bar as a matter of fact. Well, the owner lived in New York for a while, but I’m pretty sure he was born here.

It’s very odd to meet outsiders here. When you walk down the streets you have to get used to everybody staring at you like projections from Inception. But unlike projections, the people are nowhere near as hostile. Maybe it is because most of the town is family (612 inhabitants, pretty much all cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.) but everybody is always excited to give you food, or drinks no matter if they’re related or not. Don’t expect the same kind of treatment in Rome, Naples or other big cities. Like all big cities, residents are required to walk around with a stick up their ass. As for other outsiders, I did meet some other Americans and somebody else from Holland. Which to me was kind of like when Marla Singer walked into The Narrator’s support groups in Fight Club. Yeah that sounds selfish and rude, but I don’t mean it in that kind of way. When other english speakers are around, I don’t learn much Italian. It is nice though to have people you can have an entire in-depth conversation with, so to those who I met one shady night in Piaggine, it really was a pleasure to meet you, and I’m glad there are other Americans who know that the rest of the world doesn’t live on SUV’s, McDonalds, and Wal-Mart.

Well, this will be another short entry and maybe one of my last for a while. I leave for the states this upcoming week, and a lot of my wit has been put into a screenplay rebooting a dark comedy written senior year of high school. As for those of you who enjoyed the music and creative writing (Oyster Card, Ari Gold, Circus Animals) on this blog, I may start up another focused more on just that. So lots of reblogging with music, videos, and music videos I find interesting, and the occasional work of my own.

This sounds like goodbye, and it could be, unless I put something up before my departure in the next couple of days. Next time I leave Arizona be sure to expect more. Or who knows? Maybe more adventures await back home?

Farewell London

It’s already been 5 weeks, and my time in the United Kingdom nears it’s end. London is a fantastic place to visit/live. It may be really expensive (no really, if you wanna go somewhere and come out with no money, don’t go to Vegas, go to London) but the energy and atmosphere is different from other cities. London will most definitely be missed, and I plan to return sometime in the future.

Today was not the original day for departure. I missed my flight Wednesday, and the only other flight to Rome was today. But my free Thursday yesterday gave me a chance to finally get all that touristy crap done; sightseeing, souvenirs, crying, etc. 

Has it been a week since I last posted something? Damn. I’m slackin. Well, highlights of the past week would have to be;

Singing karaoke in Westminster’s Sports Club. Boy do I feel bad for those that witnessed it. Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, since the song was after all “Safety Dance”. All you gotta do is deepen your voice and give it a little British twang, and make sure to emphasize the “ooooo” in “You can dance if you wannoooooooo”. Couple drinks and shots of Goldschlager, or however the hell you spell that chick drink, helped take the embarrassment away, otherwise a voice crack might have snuck in there or somethin.

And that woulda been embarrassing.

Johnny Cash is still alive. Yeah, you read it right. No really. I saw him in the McDonald’s after Friday’s crawl. Service was slower than shit comin out of a(n) (insert noun here)’s ass. So in the meantime, while waiting for my chicken sandwiches, Johnny whipped out that geetar and serenaded the establishment with “Ring of Fire”. Was quite a show. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

Nah, actually just go on my Facebook London album. Too lazy and don’t got time.

Okay well there’s two highlights there. I really don’t remember much else that exciting. Most of my weekend just consisted of the Pub Crawl. 


If your ever in London and looking for some upcoming bands and a place for a good drink, well than look no further than Water Rats (pub) featuring The Curious Incident (band). The lead singer is a friend that I met on the staff of the crawl. Told me about his band’s show earlier in the month but I missed that due to work, but this Tuesday I was able to correct that past mistake.

Usually you know how it is;

Come check out my band!

Sounds awesome!

*not impressed*

Good show!………..(fake)

No, these guys were good. Check them out on Facebook.

I was definitely impressed.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye, not to you, but to my many new friends and acquaintances, Camden, Westminster, London. My bags are sitting by the door packed, got my Gatwick express ticket in wallet, along with whatever Pounds I have left. 

And to London, I bid thee farewell.

Time to switch the passports and get out the Euros. Rome here I come.

Moby - Extreme Ways by phoenixdown